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One Of Our Own

29 July 2023

Great FINANCIAL PLANNING depends on a human connection between the client and the planner.

Without that connection, the client is never going to open up enough for the planner to get in their head and have a good rummage around, which is where the magic happens.

The relationship is unlikely to be anything other than shallow and transactional.

If we want our clients to open up, we need to show them that we understand them and that we recognise what is important to them as people.

So why is this connection so important?

Because people buy how you make them feel.

And we feel safe and secure with people with whom we can identify.

Those who have a shared experience, background, upbringing, or community.

Those whose values have been forged in the same life furnace as our own.

And as financial planners, that is who we need to market our services to.

Our tribe.

Whatever that may be.

Consider the football terraces up and down the land.

No matter how many overpaid Brazilian superstars your team has,  there is one chant that is reserved for someone special.

‘They’re one of our own’.

Is the chant that rings around the terraces when the local boy or girl laces up their boots for their debut.

They may not be the most skilled or experienced…

  • But they’ll run the extra yard
  • Make the extra tackle
  • Risk injury on a lost cause


Because they know that every one of their brethren in the stands dreams of being where they are now.

They’re not representing themselves or the football club; they are representing their tribe. Carrying the hope and dreams of all the working guys and gals who graft Monday to Friday to buy a ticket to watch their team on a Saturday.

And they’ll run through brick walls for them.


Because they’re one of their own. They have a shared identity. Shared values. Even though they’ve never met most of the crowd individually, they still know them.

In essence, they know how they feel, and because of that, they wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt those feelings.

That is the power of the tribe.

And if you can tap into that as a financial planner, if you can show you are part of their tribe, that you share their values, interests, or experiences, then they will open up and take you in just like the local lad or lass on the pitch.

You’ll be one of their own. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


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