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Red Meat And Diet Pills

22 July 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS, how much red meat and diet pills are in your marketing?

You know, the stuff clients want to hear?

Normally, either;

  • We can make you money


  • We can save you money

And preferably both.

That’s the red meat of financial services marketing.

Same as peddlers of diet plans throw the red meat of ‘Our plan can help you lose weight and still eat what you like.’

That’s what we want to hear, isn’t it?

We don’t want to hear that they can help us lose weight by cutting out all the nice foods, quitting alcohol, and going to the gym every day for a really tough workout.

No one wants to hear that, do we?

We want to hear ‘Take this diet pill/shake/ 15-minute-a-day exercise plan and you’ll have washboard abs in a week.

And that’s why the best personal trainers are those who start with the truth—that there is no magic pill.

But we can build a nutrition, training, sleep, and wellness plan that will help you feel great, have lots of energy, be more focused with your family, reduce anxiety, lower cancer risk, feel younger, fitter, and more confident.

And as a by-product of this, your pants will feel looser, but you won’t care as much about that anymore as you’ve had a whole new world opened up for you.

That’s actually quite compelling.

So, when you’re marketing your financial planning service, are you throwing your clients the red meat they want to hear to get them on board? Or are you having the truthful conversations that…

  1. I have no control over the investment markets.

2. I can’t guarantee your pot will get bigger.

3. Sometimes it will go up, and sometimes it will go down.


What I can do is help you visualise and articulate what a great life and lifestyle outcome looks like for you and your family and help you build a financial plan to ensure that you have enough money to make it a reality. Allowing you to enjoy your life without worry and anxiety and knowing that you always have enough (and if not, how to get there)

Forget the red meat of investment returns… THAT is the chateaubriand of financial planning. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


  • End-to-End Lifestyle Financial Planning Process & Software
  • Full Financial Planner Back Office System
  • Coaching for Financial Planners


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