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PlanHappy Training

PlanHappy isn’t just purpose-built Financial Planning Software, we’re also a leader in Financial Planner Training.

Whether you’re just starting off in the industry, are an experienced Financial Planner looking to grow your business, or you are wanting to set up your own Lifestyle Financial Planning firm, we’ve got you covered.

All of our expertly designed PlanHappy courses are on-demand and available to do at your own pace, whenever and wherever you are. Plus, they are all CPD-eligible – so you can learn and earn credit at the same time.

Lifestyle Financial Planning Process

If you are looking to get more clients, more fees, more funds under advice and more referrals, this is THE course for you, offering a full, end-to-end, step-by-step Lifestyle Financial Planning Process. Includes 280 modules and over 40 hours of CPD. Plus, it can be used alongside the PlanHappy Software and installed in your business immediately.

Build and Grow Your Financial Planning Business

This is our newest course, offering over 5 hours of CPD-Content that can be best described as ‘business gold’. You’ll learn from people who have built successful firms on how to pitch and engage your clients at first meeting as well as how to deliver, and charge for, a knockout ongoing Financial Planning Service and more.

Going On Your Own

In this three-part series you’ll learn the tips and tricks to help you get into the Financial Planning profession, build your career and your client list, and go on your own. We’ll share best practices on such things as how to get into the world of Financial Planning, what NOT to do when trying to find your way, and how to survive your first year.

What we expect you to say after taking our courses...

“I feel like I’ve just fast forwarded my business by 5 years in 5 hours.”


“I could see myself in everything he was saying – you can tell he’s been there and done that.”


“I’ve repaid my investment in a few days.”


“Refreshing, honest and tells it like it is.”


Need we say more? Get a free training preview now.

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