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Welcome to the UK’s first and only all-in-one technology solution that’s been specifically designed by Financial Planners for Financial Planners and Advisers.


Along with its built-in Business Support Services and Training, the PlanHappy Portal gives you everything you need to build and grow a successful Financial Planning business.

Discover all the ways that PlanHappy can help you today

Easy and hassle-free

Unlike many of the other systems in the market, PlanHappy is ready to use at the time of sign-up.


There’s no meetings with ‘the Sales Team’ (unless you want to of course), no unnecessary paperwork, and no long onboarding process.


As soon as you sign up to PlanHappy you are ready to go.


Our web-based system can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile through any browser.


And pricing is a simple ‘per user’ monthly subscription. It’s easy in, easy out. There’s no tie-in periods or minimum charges.


So, get your free trial today and you can be PlanHappy too.

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