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More Money Isn't The Answer

5 August 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS – most clients would love you to add more money to their lives.

Make money, save money, or pay less tax are all sexy messages to hear.

And yet that doesn’t really add much value.

We think it does…

But it doesn’t really.

Of all the problems that a client brings you, more money is rarely needed as a solution.

In fact, adding more money can make it harder!

What really adds value is organising the money that we have into a structured format, and then working out how we can use it in a way to achieve the HUMAN OUTCOME!

In the video, I take you on a tour of my workshop to show how adding more tools isn’t the solution to doing great woodwork.

What we actually need is an organised space with our tools laid out neatly so we can focus our brainpower on creating whatever workpiece we’re working on instead of looking for tools!

The great end result should be a beautiful piece of furniture, not a bigger pile of tools.

So, if your client thinks the solution is more money and you start talking about money, then you’re making yourself part of the problem.

To be part of the solution we need to turn their minds to the human outcome that they’re trying to achieve and fight their natural instinct that more money is the answer.

And that also means that as financial planners, we need to fight our own natural instincts to want to jump in and get our hands dirty on all that technical financial and product stuff.

Because it’s a false economy.

Any woodworker knows that an hour spent organising your workspace and tools before you start will save you two hours’ worth of time looking for tools during the build!

And helping to clear the client’s mind of all that technical ‘money stuff’ clear the workspace to do some great financial planning work and fill it full of human stuff! – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


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