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Build And Grow Your Own Financial Planning Business

If you want to build and grow your Financial Planning business, this course will give you the key ingredients that you need to find more clients, improve your conversions, earn more fees, and bring more Funds Under Advice, all while delivering a fantastic client service that generates regular referrals for your business. 


Plus, it’s over 5 hours of valuable CPD content!

Part One

How to structure and charge for your Financial Planning Business

Many Financial Planners and Advisers struggle to design their service in a way that can be clearly articulated and bought-into by their clients. It’s no good knowing that you’ve got a knockout service that’s great value, if you can’t convey that effectively to your clients and get their buy-in. 

Part of this comes down to designing an effective and profitable fee structure that you can confidently explain, while showing your clients the value in what you do. 

We’ll show you how to structure your Financial Planning service in a way that makes it easy for your clients to understand, engage with, and pay for. We’ll show you how to charge, what to charge, when to charge, and most importantly, how to have that fee conversation with your clients and get them over the line. 

Part Two

How to pitch your Financial Planning service and overcome objections

Once you’ve got your Financial Planning Service and fee structure clearly defined, the next challenge is pitching it to potential clients, dealing with objections, and getting them on board. 

The secret to success is in how you structure and deliver your initial consultation. We’ll show you the common mistakes that planners and advisers make, and how to design your first meeting in a way that gets you converting clients effortlessly, time after time. 

Client objections and fee conversations can often be a stumbling block for Advisers. If you’re not confident in this area, you’ll either give away unnecessary discounts or worse, lose the client altogether. We’ll show you how this doesn’t need to be the case if you use the tools provided in the video. 

Part Three

How to write more business and bring more Funds Under Advice with your Financial Planning Service

Sometimes, it’s easy to get the impression that Financial Planning is something that you do instead of financial advice. And that if you’re delivering proper financial planning, you are turning your back on potential advice and product-related fees. 

But that simply isn’t the case. Financial planning is something that you do as part of the financial advice process or more accurately, financial advice is something that you should do as part of the financial planning process! 

We’ll show you how to weave the two together in a combined and holistic service. So not only are you delivering fantastic and profitable financial planning, you’re also undertaking all of the advice transactions, providing your client with an integrated service and increasing your revenue. 

Part Four

How to structure your investment portfolios and manage your client’s investment behaviours

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of linking your value to investment market movements, and that’s not a good business strategy! 

For example, do you enjoy your client review meetings when markets are up, but dread them when markets are down, especially for *those* clients? 

We’ve all been there, balancing our client’s expectations for us to ‘do something’ with the reality that ‘doing nothing’ is probably the right thing to do. 

In the fourth video, we’ll show you how to build your investment advice service in a way that focuses more on influencing investor behaviours than any kind of investment wizardry – so you can have productive and enjoyable review meetings, whatever the markets and keep more of those hard-won funds-under-advice on board. 

Getting started

It’s all available online, so you can access it on any device, whenever, and wherever.  

The course is only £295 +VAT and is an investment in yourself and your business, that will repay itself quickly and many times over. 

There’s also a free preview so you can try before you buy – and you can access that right now by clicking below!

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