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Lifestyle Financial Planning Process

The PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning Process is an end-to-end, step-by-step process that helps you to deliver a fantastic Lifestyle Financial Planning service to your clients.

What will I learn?

The online course contains 280 modules and resources, with 40 hours of video content to guide you through the process, including

  • How to structure and price your proposition
  • How to find clients
  • How to pitch your Lifestyle Financial Planning service
  • How to handle objections
  • How to deliver every meeting on the client journey

Coupled with our PlanHappy Software and integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning reports, this course will help you deliver a life-changing experience for your clients with a profitable and enjoyable service that you can be proud of. And most of all, know that YOU are the one adding real value to your client’s life.

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

There are three elements to a Lifestyle Financial Planning Service, which are

  • Life Planning,
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Advice

We all know that financial advice is about arranging suitable financial product for our client’s needs, in much the same way as a builder’s merchants gives us access to the building materials we need when building a house.

But in order to select the best products, we need to know what those products need to be best at!

That is where the Financial Planning element comes in with the aid of cashflow modelling software. This helps us determine the financial needs at the different stages of our plan. Much like an engineer helps to specify the requirements of the building materials needed to construct a house.

Engineers, however, are there to deliver the structural requirements of an architect’s design. And it’s the architecture that helps to define the purpose that the house needs to serve. This is a human question that aims to answer how we want to live our lives and interact with our environment.

Life Planning is the ‘Architecture’ in the Lifestyle Financial Planning Process. Helping clients to visualise and articulate what a great life and lifestyle looks like for them. This isn’t about products or money – it’s about how they want to live, how they want to feel, what they want in their lives, and what they don’t want in their lives.

Just like building a house, each role is integral to the process and dependent on each other. You may decide to perform all three functions yourself, and many people do, or you may prefer to offer an overarching Lifestyle Financial Planning service but with different people specialising in one or more of those roles.

How does the PlanHappy course work?

The online course gives you all the training, content and resources that you need to deliver a fantastic Lifestyle Financial Planning service to your clients. The process journey is broken into bite-sized modules, each including a video, that walks you through exactly what to do on each step of the journey.

Starting with the initial consultation and getting your clients engaged and onboarded, through the Life Planning and Coaching  sessions, the financial planning and cashflow engineering, and the ultimate development of a Lifestyle Financial Plan that delivers your clients ideal life and lifestyle outcomes.

In addition to an integrated Estate Planning Service, the course also includes an ongoing Lifestyle Financial Planning service model, so that you can continue to deliver long term value, holding your client’s hand through the years and adapting their plan to whatever challenges life brings.

Integrated software

The PlanHappy Portal is an all-round back-office and case management system for financial advisers and planners, that comes with integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning functionality. This allows you to manage all of your cases and produce intuitive Lifestyle Financial Planning client reports, directly in the software. 

You can record your client’s ideal life and lifestyle outcomes using the Big Questions and Primary Focus features and collect detailed information on their associated lifestyle costs using the Coaching Scans and For What? Tools. 

There’s a Client Portal that allows your clients to log in securely to complete online questionnaires and share in

Who’s it for?

The Lifestyle Financial Planning process can be used by anyone who wants to improve their planning and coaching skills and deliver great financial planning to their clients.

You may be a financial adviser who wants to deliver a more human, planning-led service to your clients, or perhaps you’re already a financial planner and want to develop the coaching aspects of your service.

Whether you want a ‘process in a box’ that you can install immediately in your business, or already have a tried and tested process and want to dip in and out of the content to finetune your skills in certain areas, the Lifestyle Financial Planning process covers every area of the process in as much detail as you wish to explore.

Why Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning helps you to provide a service to your clients which delivers on what really matters – helping your clients make the most of their lives and lifestyles.

You get to deliver a service that you can be proud of, and your client gets to live their best life. And crucially you get to enjoy what you do, knowing that you are the value.

Delivering a Lifestyle Financial Planning services ensures you get more clients, more referrals, more fees, more products, more funds under advice and most importantly the satisfaction of knowing you’re delivering a great service and adding real value to your clients’ lives.

Getting started

You can access the Lifestyle Financial planning process either all-in-one or in installments starting at just £72 per month.

It’s all online so you can access it at any time and there’s a free preview meaning you can try before you buy.

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