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Policy Details

User-Friendly, Variable, Automated

The PlanHappy Portal allows you to record details of your clients’ policies across all the common product areas. Data can be entered either by the user or by the clients themselves using their Client Portal, as part of your Onboarding or Discovery Process. 

Policies can be created with a minimal amount of information and then populated to whatever depth of detail is required. And provider information requests can be automated through the related Policy Discovery Feature. 

Linkable, Efficient, Accessible

Once a policy has been created, documents and notes can be linked along with details of any charges that are being applied and the history of any inflows and outflows. 

Questions and answers between team members or the client can be recorded against the policy, saving time when getting up to speed with any unusual aspects of a case. 

Data feeds ensure that current and historic valuations are available which clients can also view in their Client Portal alongside their policy information.

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