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Policy Discovery

Automated, Timesaving, Storable

When onboarding new clients, the PlanHappy Portal can automate many of the most time-consuming elements of Policy Discovery. 

Once a policy has been added to the Client Record, the Policy Discovery System automatically guides you through the process of obtaining up-to-date policy information from the provider. 

Letters of Authority can be automatically produced and printed, ready for your client’s signature, before being uploaded and stored against the Policy Record. 

They can then be sent automatically to the provider, with a request for policy information. 

Analyse, Highlight, Progress

Once the initial Information Pack is received from the provider and the policy information updated, the Portal will analyse the data and automatically produce a list of gap-fill questions for any missing data items. This can then be sent directly to the provider from the Portal. 

The Discovery Dashboard keeps track of any outstanding information and highlights any critical data that is required for particular functions, such as producing cash flow models or completing a product switch analysis – allowing you to keep your cases progressing whilst waiting for any remaining information. 

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