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Income & Expenditure

Recorded, Consolidated, Connected

Income and expenditure information can be recorded in the Portal to whatever level of detail is required. It can be entered either directly by the user or by your client through their Secure Client Portal as part of an automated Discovery or Onboarding process. 

Income can be recorded from a variety of sources including employment, business earnings, shareholdings, or any income producing policies.  

 A consolidated view of all household income provides a useful snapshot of your client’s situation. 

Expenditure for both essential and lifestyle costs can be recorded either as generalised totals or a more granular, itemised format. And lifestyle expenditure can be connected to your client’s lifestyle objectives.  

Adaptable, Comparable, Secure

Costs with different frequencies can be recorded such as regular, periodic and one offs and custom entries can be added, where required. 

You can trigger a review of existing income and expenditure and ask your client to update any of the figures through their Secure Client Portal.  

Once done, you can check the suggested updates before adding them to the Client Record. You can also compare items against any previous entries, allows you to sense check the data and prevent any obvious errors. 

Next Steps

Need to import existing data?
No problem...

If you’re looking to switch to PlanHappy from your current back office system, our data import tools make it easy to migrate your client records and data.

We can import data from any existing back office software system or build custom imports for unique data formats.

If you currently manage your existing data on a spreadsheet, we can even import that to!

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