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Custom, Intuitive, Choice

The PlanHappy Portal allows you to build Custom Forms to ensure that the correct information is always collected when users are entering data. 

The intuitive form builder allows you to add form fields with a variety of different data types including free text, dates, numbers and multiple choice.  

You can also set whether fields are mandatory or optional and automatically hide or present additional fields based on user responses. Your own custom, single or multi select fields can be created.  

Connected, Timed, Changeable

You can add decision logic to automatically trigger a variety of actions, depending on the user selection. This could be to trigger tasks, add or remove tags, change a status or send automated communications to your client. 

Once built, forms are available for users in the Client Record and can be paused and resumed at a later date. 

The rich automation in the Form Builder allows you to connect your custom forms to your calendar, task threads and communication templates giving you all the tools you need to build automated workflows. 


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No hoops required

Unlike most other back-office systems, there’s no need for various intro calls and forms simply to get a demo, let alone the mountains of paperwork and onboarding sessions that follow.

You’re ready to go as soon as you sign-up. Plus, there’s no lengthy contracts to sign. Easy in, easy out. That suits us, and you!

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