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Tasks & Threads

Manage, Schedule, Assign

The integrated task system helps you manage and schedule work tasks throughout your business. Quick tasks can be created at the click of a button and assigned to team members for completion. And due dates and next action prompts help ensure all tasks are completed on time. 

Task threads can automate common tasks within your business, by linking together a series of subtasks that can be triggered as a single thread, allowing for repeatable and consistent workflows and communications.  

How-to videos and document guides can be built into the task, so training and guidance is always available at the point of use. Validation requirements can also be configured to ensure that tasks can only be completed, once certain actions have been fulfilled, such as booking an event, completing a form, or uploading a particular document. 

Built-In, Automatic, Viewable

Decision logic can be built into the thread and automatically trigger a range of actions depending on the status of a subtask or users input and repeating tasks allow for the regular rescheduling of work, to ensure that nothing is overlooked. 

The Task Dashboard allows you to see all tasks in a single place and you can toggle the view between your own tasks, your teams’ tasks or even all tasks across the business. 

Clients can be also be assigned tasks via their Client Portal with all data submitted added to the underlying Client Record. 


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