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System Customisation

Out-Of-The Box, Branded

The PlanHappy Portal works out-of-the-box so you can have it up and running in your business straight away. It also has customisation at its heart, with over 65 pages of settings available for you to configure it to your way of working. 

You can add your own branding throughout your PlanHappy Portal including logo’s, letterheads and email signatures while the Client Portal can be set up with your firm’s colour palette to give your clients that familiar feel. 

Multiple firms with branches can be built along with custom teams, roles, permissions and user groups. 

Tailored, Connected, In Sync

You can integrate your business processes using the workflow and automation tools. These allow you to build your own bespoke forms, task threads, communications and calendar event templates.

The system can also be configured around your firm’s service packages and charging structures so that transaction and revenue forms are automatically populated with the correct information, and default adviser payments and introducer pay-aways created. 

Sales and Marketing campaigns can be built to help you track your return on investment while calendar synchronisation helps you to keep all of your accounts connected.

And when it comes to Centralised Investment Solutions and Model Portfolio’s, these too can be  customised to provide your users with tailored investment options. In addition, API links for your provider and platform agency accounts can be added as well to allow you to receive automated valuations and data feeds for client policies. 


Next Steps

Need to import existing data?
No problem...

If you’re looking to switch to PlanHappy from your current back office system, our data import tools make it easy to migrate your client records and data.

We can import data from any existing back office software system or build custom imports for unique data formats.

If you currently manage your existing data on a spreadsheet, we can even import that to!

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