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Marketing Campaigns

Create, Manage, Repeat

Marketing Campaigns can be created to help you manage your marketing activity, results, and your Return on Investment. 

Marketing tasks can be managed through the Marketing Dashboard and linked to particular events in the calendar, such as a client seminar or networking event.  

There’s also automated task threads to help you to stay ahead of your marketing deadlines. These can be triggered by repeating tasks at regular intervals or in the run up to a marketing event. 

Task threads can include multiple subtasks that allow work to flow seamlessly between different teams along the process journey. 


Communicate, Generate, Track

Automated communications and decision logic can be built-in to allow for intuitive workflow management and bespoke communications. 

Leads and enquiries generated from specific Marketing activity and campaigns can be tracked to completion, and credited against any revenue that is generated.  

This allows for custom reports to be created to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. 


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