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Client Relationship Management

Secure Messaging

Direct, Secure, Instant

Secure Messaging allows you to communicate directly and securely with your clients. 

Messages are composed and sent instantly from the software and your client is prompted to login, view and respond via their secure Client Portal. 

You can also attach documents to messages making it easy to transfer information between you and your client. Your clients can also attach and send documents in return, either from their desktop or camera roll. 

This allows for instant sharing of information and documents without relying on email or post, meaning no more communications lost in the mail or stuck in spam filters. 

Authenticated, Safe, Stored

Two-factor authentication means that not only are messages secure, but you also have the confidence of knowing that they have originated from your client.  

This makes secure messaging a great way to take or confirm instructions for any transactions that could otherwise be at risk of fraud, such as withdrawals or change of bank details. 

Messages are then stored against the Client Record, so you always have access to previous conversation thread. And a handy Dashboard shows all incoming client messages, allowing you to respond promptly. 


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