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Automated Communications

Build, Brand, Inform

The PlanHappy Portal allows you to create communication templates for letters, emails and messages. These can be sent to your clients automatically, when triggered by your workflow processes. 

Templates can be built for Word documents, emails, SMS and secure messages, using the intuitive, integrated text editor. This allows you to build your content and add placeholders, wherever you wish to insert data from the underlying client record. 

You can add your branding, headers and footers and preview the template before making it available for use. 

Once a template has been created, it can be triggered automatically from calendar events, forms, or task threads, meaning your clients are kept fully informed and up-to-date with progress. 

Configure, Control, Store

You can add decision logic to your custom workflow threads to configure which communications to send, depending on the status of the case and user responses. 

This allows you to control the timing and quality of your client communications, and all correspondence is automatically stored against the Client Record, giving you full visibility of the communication history.  


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No hoops required

Unlike most other back-office systems, there’s no need for various intro calls and forms simply to get a demo, let alone the mountains of paperwork and onboarding sessions that follow.

You’re ready to go as soon as you sign-up. Plus, there’s no lengthy contracts to sign. Easy in, easy out. That suits us, and you!

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