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Revenue Recording & Reconciliation

Quick, Easy, Custom

Transactions and revenue expectations can be created quickly and easily using the built-in templates for common transactions or custom forms for more bespoke entries. 

Revenue can be added for Initial, Ongoing, Regular, or Ad-Hoc charges and calculated as a fee, percentage, or a combination of the two, with optional minimum and maximum amounts.  

You can also set your default charges for particular transactions, and create custom revenue centres, in the settings area. 

View, Track, Reconcile

Adviser revenue shares and other Pay Aways can be included and once confirmed, all revenue can be viewed and tracked in the Revenue Dashboard, where invoices can be produced and payments logged. 

Provider statements can be uploaded or received via data feeds, and are automatically reconciled against revenue expectations, with unmatched revenue highlighted for further investigation or manual correction. 

Adviser statements and analysis reports can be created using the integrated Report Builder, and all revenue entries feed through to the integrated RMAR and Garbriel reports. 


Next Steps

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If you like the idea of designing, mapping and installing automated workflows and processes throughout your business but don’t envy the task of building them, our specialist Gurus can provide tailored personal support to help you configure your system to how your business works.

Whether that is ad-hoc assistance and support to help you with the automation tools or a full design and installation service, we’re here to help.


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