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Back Office

Invoicing & Credit Control

Automatic, Detailed, Breakdown

Revenue expectations are created automatically, whenever a transaction is confirmed, and include a breakdown of the calculation methodology, and details of any payaways due to advisers, or introducers. 

Revenue expectations can be tracked and managed in the intuitive Revenue Dashboard, which provides a centralised view of all revenue expectations across the business.  

Invoices can be generated, notes added and next action dates scheduled, to help you stay on top of your credit control process. 

Reconcile, Upload, Track

Full or part payments can be credited against the revenue manually, or automatically reconciled from provider statements. These can be uploaded directly or automatically imported via the providers data feed. 

Revenue expectations run in parallel to their associated new business processing task, providing an integrated new business and credit control workflow, and The Report Builder allows you to create custom reports to track any overdue payments. 


Next Steps

Need to import existing data?
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If you’re looking to switch to PlanHappy from your current back office system, our data import tools make it easy to migrate your client records and data.

We can import data from any existing back office software system or build custom imports for unique data formats.

If you currently manage your existing data on a spreadsheet, we can even import that to!

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