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Report Builder

Create, View, Analyse

Using the integrated Report Builder, you can create reports to view and analyse any of the data held in the PlanHappy Portal. 

The intuitive dashboard allows you to generate detailed queries to filter the information that you want to see. You can also set which columns you wish to display, the format of the data output and any calculations that you wish to perform. 

Group, Drilldown, Save

Grouping and sorting allows you to present your data in a consolidated format for easy viewing, whilst allowing the user to drill down into the detail if they wish. 

You can preview the output as you build the report and once you are happy with it, save it as a template. Saved report templates can be viewed at any time and will refresh their data each time they are opened.  

Reports can also be shared with other users and the data exported for analysis in other applications. 


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