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Client Relationship Management


Manage, Track, Report

Sales, revenue and other opportunities can be identified, tracked and managed within the PlanHappy Portal. 

Opportunities can be added to a Client Record along with any transactional or commercial information, allowing you to report on the Return on Investment of your marketing activities. 

Opportunities can also be linked to specific events, such as client meetings.  

Analyse, Personalise, Create

The Commercial Dashboard provides an overview of all upcoming opportunities to help you manage performance and record outcomes.  

This activity can then be analysed using the Report Builder to help you track your conversion rates. 

Templates, prebuilt with your firm’s service packages and charging structure, can be created for regular opportunities. While the customised automation allows you to create opportunities when particular client events are added to the calendar. 


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No hoops required

Unlike most other back-office systems, there’s no need for various intro calls and forms simply to get a demo, let alone the mountains of paperwork and onboarding sessions that follow.

You’re ready to go as soon as you sign-up. Plus, there’s no lengthy contracts to sign. Easy in, easy out. That suits us, and you!

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