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Client Relationship Management

New Business Processing

View, Track, Manage

Once confirmed, all new business transactions can be viewed on the New Business Dashboard. Here they can be tracked and managed to completion. 

Bespoke task threads can also be designed to take into account the application processes for different transaction types.  

These can include automated communications, and decision logic to ensure that everyone, including your client, is kept up-to-date with the progress of their case. 


Reconcile, Record, Report

Associated revenue expectations run in parallel with the New Business processing tasks and are automatically reconciled to provider statements using provider data feeds, where available. 

Pay Aways to advisers and introducers are handled automatically and all transactions are recorded on the New Business Register and fed through to the RMAR or Gabriel return, making regulatory reporting easy and compliant. 


Next Steps

Prefer to call the experts?

If you like the idea of designing, mapping and installing automated workflows and processes throughout your business but don’t envy the task of building them, our specialist Gurus can provide tailored personal support to help you configure your system to how your business works.

Whether that is ad-hoc assistance and support to help you with the automation tools or a full design and installation service, we’re here to help.


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