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Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle Objectives

Tailored, Human, Big Questions

The Plan Happy Portal is tailored for Financial Planning and as such, allows you to collect details of your clients more ‘human’ objectives and motives. 

The Big Questions feature allows you to record details of those life and lifestyle concerns that your client is really trying to satisfy so that these can always be kept front and centre when working on a case. Meanwhile, the Primary Focus establishes the more immediate needs within their overall plan. 

Flexible, Holistic, Integrated

When working on a client’s cash flow models, design levers help Planners and Paraplanners understand where the client is prepared to be flexible, in order for their overarching life plan to succeed. 

As well as collecting lifestyle costs in the standard format you can also switch to the ‘For What’ version which automatically links your client’s lifestyle costs to their life and lifestyle objectives. 

All of the Lifestyle Financial Planning data can be output to the integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning Client Reports which provide an overarching view of their Lifestyle Financial Plan and both the holistic and technical elements required to achieve their life and lifestyle objectives. 


Next Steps

Integrate Lifestyle Financial Planning in your business with PlanHappy Software

The PlanHappy Portal is an all-round back-office and case management system for financial advisers and planners that comes with integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning functionality.

This allows you to manage all of your cases and produce professionally-designed Lifestyle Financial Planning Client Reports, directly in the software.

You can record your client’s ideal life and lifestyle outcomes using the Big Questions and Primary Focus features and collect detailed information on their associated lifestyle costs using the Coaching Scans and For What? Tools.

There’s also a Client Portal that allows your clients to log in securely to complete online questionnaires and share information/documents.

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