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Lifestyle Financial Planning

LFP Client Reports

Integrated, Visual, Booklets

As the PlanHappy Portal is specifically designed for Financial Planners it has integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning Reports for you to use with your clients. 

Drawing on the Portal’s integrated Financial Planning tools, such as the Big Questions, Design Levers, Coaching Scans, Foundation Costs and the For What?, the Lifestyle Financial Planning booklets provide intuitive and visual client reports that support your financial planning process, and client conversations. 

Outline Sketch Booklets help you to explore the options, challenges, truths and opportunities in and around your client’s life and lifestyle outcomes. They also allow you to stretch their minds to consider the different potential scenarios through Cash flow models which can be integrated from any of the leading cashflow modelling systems. 

The Working Plan Booklet brings everything together into an actionable and deliverable plan, including any financial advice product recommendations that need to be implemented. 

This, then forms the basis of the Update & Improve Booklet which helps you to deliver an ongoing financial planning service by allowing you to continue updating and adapting your client’s financial plans and models to deal with the challenges and opportunities that life brings. 

Share, Show, Gather

The Lifestyle Financial Planning Booklets also include Estate Planning to help you walk your client through the various future situations and circumstances that they may wish to consider.  

The visual storyboards make it easy to show the potential issues that they may face and how documents such as Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney could help them plan for their future and protect their financial plan. 

The Lifestyle Financial Planning booklets are fully-automated and integrate with the PlanHappy Portal’s built-in Onboarding tools for easy data gathering and population. And once produced, booklets can be printed, stored in the Client Record or shared directly through the Client Portal. 


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