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Investment Risk Questionnaires

Measure, Risk, Return

Understanding your client’s attitude to investment risk is one of the cornerstones of investment advice.  

The PlanHappy Portal has a fully integrated questionnaire system to help you measure and record tolerance to risk and expectations of return. 

The built-in Investment Comfort Zone Questionnaire can be triggered automatically during the initial onboarding or annual review process and can be completed on screen, face-to-face or via the secure Client Portal. 

Relate, Real Life, Results

All questions are designed to establish likely behaviours around future investment events by recording the client’s reactions to a range of real-life scenarios.  

The results can be discussed with the client using the Investment Comfort Zone Discussion Report which provides a visual overview of their responses, how they relate to each other, and suggestions for appropriate equity content. 

The questionnaire system works with all types of investment solutions. It also dovetails with the built-in Lifestyle Financial Planning Reports to provide an integrated Financial Planning, and investment advice system. 


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