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Investment Management

Funds & Portfolios

Access, Build, Recommend

The PlanHappy Portal gives you access to a wide range of funds from all the major fund management houses, allowing you to build custom Investment Portfolios to use in your investment recommendations. 

In addition to the integrated Fund Library, you can also add additional funds and managers including any 3rd party Discretionary Investment manager offerings or Model Portfolio Solutions. 

Save, Connect, Select

Once created, Investment Portfolios can be saved and made available for selection when making investment recommendations. Or you can allow your team to self-select from the entire fund range. 

Portfolios can also be connected to the Centralised Investment Solution Tool which integrates with the built-in Attitude to Investment Risk Questionnaire to provide suggested investment portfolios, based on your client’s risk profile and investment term. 


Next Steps

No hoops required

Unlike most other back-office systems, there’s no need for various intro calls and forms simply to get a demo, let alone the mountains of paperwork and onboarding sessions that follow.

You’re ready to go as soon as you sign-up. Plus, there’s no lengthy contracts to sign. Easy in, easy out. That suits us, and you!

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