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Who's Going To Drive You Home Pork Pie?

19 August 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS, how much thought goes into your client process?

Lots you will say.

You’ll tell me that you have a well-drilled process for your client meetings and that you are continually developing your skills to ensure your client gets a WoW experience every time they see you.

And I believe you.

I really do.

But I’m not talking about the stuff that happens in your meetings.

I’m talking about everything your client experiences outside of that.

Is it to the same level of Wow?

Has an equal amount of thought and effort gone into it?

Probably not, as we’re programmed to prioritise all the stuff that happens in the meeting room because—well, that’s where the important stuff happens, isn’t it? Coaching, compliance, planning—all that stuff that we sit for exams for and get measured on.

And we don’t get measured on the stuff outside of the meeting room.

And the problem is that your clients don’t make this distinction; it’s all just one experience for them.

  • So if someone didn’t greet them by name when they walked into the building – they remember that.
  • If they didn’t get the callback from your admin team when it was promised – they remember that.
  • If there are spelling mistakes in your communications – they notice that.

And nothing you say in a meeting room or write in a suitability report will make them remember it less.

When you are served by a rude waiter, do you ever remember what the meal was like?

And it doesn’t need to be difficult; it’s all simple stuff, but we just need to put some thought into it.

Let’s take car parking as an easy example.

  • Are there free parking slots available for your client outside the front door (or do staff park in them?)
  • Do you tell your clients there is free parking outside the building (or do they fret on the journey about ‘getting a park’?)
  • Did you choose your office location with client accessibility in mind? (or was it based on corporate ego?)

That’s one example, and if you put as much thought, checking, observation, and effort into making sure all these little things are done right as you do for your advice file checks – then your customers will not only remember you as a great planner…

But that it was a great overall experience.

People buy people, and they buy how you make them feel. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


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