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How Much Are You Charging?

6 June 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS – Are you charging for your financial planning service?

Or are you hiding the broccoli?

It seems like a simple question, but many planners say they charge for financial planning until asked to show their financial planning client agreement.

And then it turns out they’re not really…

You see, when clients come to you for financial advice, they normally need a product or transaction of some kind.

And they’ve made peace with the fact that they will need to pay for that in some form.

They may haggle over how much, but they have accepted that they need the product, and the product will come with a charge.

The problem is, you know that before they even think about products, they should be doing some great financial planning.

And paying for it.

And that gives us a problem because…

  1. The client doesn’t think they need financial planning (hence why they came asking for a transaction).
  2. They weren’t expecting to pay for something they didn’t think they needed.

The same as when your kids come in for tea expecting pie and mash, but you know they should be eating some broccoli.

We can either…

Sell the benefits of vegetables and their nutritional value.


Hide the broccoli under the mash so they can eat it without knowing.

We know we should be educating, persuading, informing, selling, motivating, demonstrating, and inspiring our clients to want and pay for great financial planning.

Same as we know we should be instilling a healthy diet mindset into our children.

But it’s hard.

And the route of least resistance is often to incorporate the financial planning service into the financial advice service.

The client thinks they’re getting financial advice and we’re sneaking some financial planning in there.

It’s a win–win isn’t it?

Not really…

By hiding the broccoli, we’re adding value to that meal, but not their life beyond it. Only getting them to buy into the importance of good nutrition can do that.

So if you’re not charging for financial planning, then your client isn’t BUYING financial planning.

And if they’re not buying financial planning, then they’re not BUYING INTO financial planning. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


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