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It’s Not What You Said, It’s the Way You Said It

14 April 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS, how do you measure whether you delivered a great client session?

  • You saved them some tax.
  • You arranged them a product.
  • You showed them when they can retire.
  • You helped them buy a house.

All good things…

But they’re not unique to you, are they?

Be honest, any other financial planner could have done that for them.

The value added isn’t inherent to you; hurts, doesn’t it?

So, how about we look at a different measure for a great client session?

What if we say a great client session is when you send them away knowing a little bit more about themselves than when they arrived?

That you have shown them something about

  • How their mind works.
  • How they make decisions.
  • How they react to certain events.
  • How those reactions can lead to unhelpful decisions.

Because when I listen to my clients, I don’t listen so much to WHAT they say as I listen to.

  • HOW they say it.
  • WHY they’re saying it.
  • And most of all, what they DIDN’T say.

And within these is the inner working of their anxious and emotional mind. It tells you which emotional reactions are really piloting the ship.

And then you can show how those reactions have ploughed furrows in their minds.

Always taking them in a particular direction, due to emotion rather than reality.

And if they can see that, recognise them for what they are, then they can be aware of them.

And if they are aware, they can learn how to recognise these mental triggers in real-time.

Learn when their emotions and past experiences are prompting them to make decisions that may not make sense in the cold light of day.

This real-time awareness can allow them to change tack, to rewrite the script as it is happening, to make better decisions in real-time.

What you’ve given them is a new way of thinking, a new reality, and a new awareness.

A tool that they can take with them for the rest of their lives and that will add value time after time.

And YOU did that.

You showed them something about themselves that they didn’t already know.

YOU are the value. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners.


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