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Cashflow Is Doozy - Now Put It Down

1 July 2023

Cashflow modelling is a great invention.

But we need to learn when to put it down.

Just because it looks doozy and can answer the ‘Do I have enough?’ question, it doesn’t mean it should be the first tool out of our tool bag.

In fact, it should be the last tool we use.

Because you can’t answer the ‘Do I have enough?’ question unless first you’ve established the ‘For what?’ question.

And cashflow modelling software just can’t help with that.

Our job as financial planners is much like that of an architect.

No value is added by simply drawing what is already in your client’s head.

We add value by challenging limiting beliefs, encouraging new thoughts, exploring opportunities, and inspiring big thoughts.

Architects do this with pencil sketches and conversations to explore concepts, push the design borders, introduce new ideas and challenge preconceptions.

These sketches aren’t meant to be building designs; they’re an aid to the design process, to the question, ‘For what?’.

But if the architect skipped this bit and went straight to their CAD software and drew what was already in your head, those limiting beliefs would be locked in.

Instead of having a human conversation and looking at the bigger picture, everyone is now staring at a computer screen, moving walls a foot here and an inch there.

You’d get what you thought you could get and nothing more.

So they don’t do that. They start with a pencil and pad and sketch out ideas.

As should we.

Start with a good old eyeball-to-eyeball conversation about the ‘For what?’.

Then sprinkle with a good dose of the ‘Why’s?’, because the first answer the client gives you will always be the smallest, toned-down version of what they REALLY want.

And our job is to help them flesh it out, remove obstacles, and give them permission to dream.

Not to confirm what is already in their head.

Cashflow modelling is great at answering questions.

But it’s the financial coaching that helps us ask the right questions. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners


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