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Broccoli With Your Ice Cream Sir?

1 April 2023

FINANCIAL PLANNERS – You cannot build a process for financial planning…

Is what I’m told by financial planners who tell me that what they do is…

  • Unique
  • Human
  • Free-flowing

And that by trying to constrain it into a process will somehow kill it.

But with all due respect to my fellow financial planners, that is tosh.

There are many things in life that are unique, human, and seem to be free-flowing.

Songs, stories, art.

But they’re all underpinned by a process.

Songs have a verse, bridge, chorus, and middle eight.

Books have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Art has structure and perspective.

And if they didn’t have a process, they would look, read, and sound like a bag of spanners.

When you go to a Michelin-starred restaurant ran by a genius head chef, 90% of what they do is process.

That’s why you get a starter, then a main, and then a pudding and it’s all hot, served to the right table, and cooked properly so it doesn’t kill you.

You don’t want the commis ‘free-flowing’ the cooking time on your chicken breast, do you?

But over time, working with those financial planners who decried the process, I began to realise that they either…

  • Don’t REALISE that what they do is underpinned by a process; they genuinely believe they make it up as they go along every time.
  • Don’t LIKE to think that it is underpinned by a process, because that dilutes the idea of their individual genius.
  • Don’t WANT to acknowledge that it is underpinned by a process, because they don’t envy the hard work of extracting it from their heads, writing it down, and training it to others.

But you can’t just transfer your perceived free-flowing genius through osmosis.

So, if you want consistent quality, repeatable communications, efficient workflows, and the ability to train the next generation of fantastic financial planners to scale your business, then you need a documented and trained process. – Software, Training & Business Services for Financial Planners.


  • End-to-End Lifestyle Financial Planning Process & Software
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