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On Site Business Coaching Day

A full day session held at your premises with you and your team to explore your business and improve any areas that could or should be working more effectively.

On Site Business Coaching Day with Neil

What is it?

Neil will visit your firm and spend the day with you to help you work out what the issues are and how to implement the solutions.

After an initial chat to discuss what you want to achieve, Neil will observe the business in operation and root out where the issues are (he’s pretty quick at that).

The afternoon is spent reviewing those issues and coaching the real-life actions that will be needed to put it right and build a custom plan for you to implement. Follow up is included with a complimentary one month pass to the Neil In Your Pocket subscription.

Many owners also find it helpful to have follow up on site sessions to help keep them on track and deal with new issues as and when they arise.

The format of the day is bespoke depending on what needs to be done and can involve process problems, people issues, commercials, marketing, business planning, developing your client process and anything in between – it’s your day!

Who’s it for?

Financial planning business owners who want help and support to develop and grow their financial planning businesses and get them operating efficiently and profitably.

Being a financial planning business owner can be difficult. The skills that make a great financial planner don’t automatically read across to business management.

All too often we come across business owners who have become ‘busy fools’ and feel that they’re working for the business rather than the business working for them.

  • Are you the first one in and last one out?
  • Do you struggle to balance client work with running the business?
  • Constantly feel like you’re working in the business rather than on the business?
  • Are people issues dominating your business?
  • Does it all feel a little unstructured?
  • Are you wrestling with succession planning?
  • Do you feel like you’re not in control?
  • Are you looking to reassert some direction in your firm?

Most great financial planning business owners have grown their firm by being great at what they do – working with clients and delivering fantastic financial planning.

Because of this, more clients want to work with them and to facilitate this growth in demand, they start to employ people to assist them with administration, compliance, paraplanning and maybe consider recruiting more advisers.

This is all great at the beginning. If you have a tight knit team working under your guidance and often the business continues to grow.

But somewhere along the line comes the tipping point where it all just gets a little bit harder. ‘Grown up’ business stuff needs doing like HR, appraisals, recruitment, supplier negotiation, performance development plans and suddenly it all feels a little out of control.

You’re stuck between seeing clients to bring in the revenue, or spending time running the business.

Feel familiar?

Many financial planning business owners have felt like you feel and with Neil’s help have gone on to develop thriving financial planning firms that not only are commercially successful but more importantly, dovetail with the owners human outcomes that are important for themselves, their families and their wellbeing.

How to book:

  • Full day on site £3,995 + VAT (+travel)
  • Complete the contact form below to book

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    On-Site Business Coaching Day £3,995 + VAT & Travel
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