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Neil In Your Pocket

Subscribe to get unlimited access to Neil for all of the SMALL STUFF that happens in between the BIG STUFF.

Neil In Your Pocket

What is it?

Coaching sessions are great for dealing with the BIG STUFF and digging down to the root issues to put effective solutions in place.

But, when it comes to the implementing the BIG STUFF back in our businesses, we often come up against a lot of SMALL STUFF and it can be easy for this SMALL STUFF to take us off course or put barriers in the way of getting the BIG STUFF done.

By subscribing to Neil In Your Pocket you get unlimited access to Neil for all of the SMALL STUFF that happens in between the BIG STUFF.

Whenever you have a question or query, or just want a second opinion you can message Neil for guidance and ensure that you stay on track.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has had a coaching session with Neil and wants to have the confidence of ongoing support to help them deal with any issues as and when they arise.

Perhaps you just like the idea of having someone on your side who has helped you with the BIG STUFF and knows what you are trying to achieve? This might be in your financial planning work with clients or the business aspects of your practice.

Maybe it’s a people or process issue that pops up and you want a second opinion or maybe you’ve had a bad day and need a confidence booster.

Whatever it is, having access to ongoing support and guidance can give you the daily confidence to stay on track.

How to subscribe

£295 + VAT per month – cancel anytime.

Click here to subscribe and get access.

The Small Print. Neil in your pocket is a messaging service giving you direct access to Neil to ask any questions and get continuing help and support on any issues as they arise. It is designed to help you deal with the ongoing SMALL STUFF and cannot replicate a coaching session if you need to deal with BIG STUFF. It is designed to complement the coaching sessions so please book a coaching session first if you have not already had a face to face session (video call or on-site) with Neil.



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Neil In Your Pocket £295 + VAT per month
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