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Financial Planning Business Essentials

If you want to grow your financial planning business (and who doesn’t?!) then this is a great place to start. Learn the key ingredients to help you increase your revenue, grow your clients and improve your numbers whilst delivering a fantastic client outcome.

Financial Planning Business Essentials

4 Part Course

If you want to build a fantastic Financial Planning business then you need to be great at two things. Financial Planning and Commercials. Many financial planning business owners deliver an absolutely fantastic client experience and really improve their lives through great financial planning work.

But, being a great financial planner doesn’t make you a great business person. You have to learn about business in just the same way you learned about financial planning, through training, experience and, quite frankly, making a few mess ups along the way.

The Business Essentials course takes the more critical topics and gives you the benefit of experience of people who have been there and done it – so don’t martyr yourself – take a short cut if it’s there.

Part 1

How to Structure & Charge for Your Financial Planning Service

Looks at how to structure, charge and deliver a fantastic financial planning service. Whether you’re a Financial Adviser looking to develop into a more financial planning type role or service, a Financial Planner looking to do more coaching work in lifestyle financial planning, or a total beginner who is feeling their way into this profession, this video helps you get closer to where you want to be.

Part 2

How to pitch your financial planning service and overcome objections

Whether you are a complete beginner or a financial adviser looking to develop into a financial planning role or a lifestyle financial planning service, this video covers how to offer a knockout first meeting with your clients. You’ll see what a great first meeting looks like, how the meeting should be planned out, how the meeting should be structured and how to deal with those all-important objections that may come your way during your client meeting.

Part 3

How to write more business (& FUM) with your financial planning service

Often it can be felt that financial planning and financial advice are two different things, and that financial planning is often something you do instead of financial advice, instead of writing product business, instead of making money. This video looks at the barriers financial planners and financial advisers face when fully embracing lifestyle financial planning and how an integrated and combined process that is structured from start to finish weaves through the financial planning and financial advice so that it is all one service; not something that you do instead of the other to write more product business and bring more funds under advice and your management.

Part 4

How to structure your investment portfolios & deliver a great financial planning service

Looks at how to structure your investment portfolios and how to deliver a great financial planning service by working with your clients properly and effectively on the all-important wealth generation, investment management, portfolio building, and fund recommendations service.


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