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With PlanHappy, help is always there when you need it

When you’re running a busy Financial Planning business, reliable software and technical support are essential to delivering a great service to your clients so the PlanHappy Portal has a range of built-in support features to ensure you can do just that.

Connect, Share, Solve

The Community Forum connects you to other PlanHappy users, allowing you to share knowledge, experience and best practices. And many users, especially those in smaller businesses, will find that having access to other Financial Planners and Paraplanners for discussion, or a second opinion on those tricky cases, can be really valuable.

For technical help on using the PlanHappy Software, there’s also an integrated Technical Forum where you can post, discuss and solve any issues that you have.

And, every feature in the PlanHappy Software has an accompanying How-to video guide. These provide a video walkthrough of the functionality, how it works, and how to get the best out of it for your business.



Direct, Access, Experts

PlanHappy Pro Licence users get access to a named Account Manager. You can book a support call with them directly from the PlanHappy Software, meaning that if you run into a technical issue, help is at hand to get you up and running again quickly.

In addition to the standard Account Management services, we also offer a full range of Guru Services that you can book from the Support menu.

Our team of experts can help you with software set-up and customisation, team training, custom data imports, or process and automation support and much more.


Have your say in making PlanHappy even better...

We’re always introducing new features to the PlanHappy Software to ensure it’s the best it can be. So, if there’s a feature or integration that is particularly important to you, you can request it in the Feature Requests Forum.


Here your idea can be upvoted by other users. If your suggestion is popular with your peers, we’ll add it to our our PlanHappy Development Roadmap.

Next Steps

Why PlanHappy is here...

We’ve lived your day-to-day. We’ve experienced your challenges. And we’re certain we’ve shared your same frustrations navigating the various back-office systems on the market. So, as the old saying goes if you want something doing right, you do it yourself. And that’s exactly what we did!

PlanHappy is proudly designed by Financial Planners, for Financial Planners.

Read about our story and how we came to be.

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