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Intuitive, Detailed, Recorded

The Intuitive Suitability Recommendations Feature allows you to specify and record details of any product or advice recommendations that you make to your clients. 

The recommendation forms ensure that all necessary data is collected for the New Business Register.  

You can also add details of any charges and pay-aways that may apply to the transaction.  

Verification, Accuracy, Control

Recommendations can be output to the integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning Client Reports which can include both regulated and non-regulated recommendations. 

Recommendation templates can be built by the System Administrator to control which business areas and products are available to users.  

Your firm’s standard charges can also be set as defaults to save time and prevent input errors. 

Verification controls ensure that the correct documentation is uploaded to the Client Record when recommendations are accepted, and that a full audit trail is kept for all recommendations and client decisions. 

Where recommendations subsequently progress to transactions, the Portal automatically creates revenue expectations for any associated charges and naturally, all of the data flows through to the integrated RMAR and Gabriel Regulatory Returns. 


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If you’re looking to switch to PlanHappy from your current back office system, our data import tools make it easy to migrate your client records and data.

We can import data from any existing back office software system or build custom imports for unique data formats.

If you currently manage your existing data on a spreadsheet, we can even import that to!

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