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Easy, Intuitive, Editable

The PlanHappy Portal allows you to upload and store documents easily and securely, ensuring they’re always accessible whenever you need them.  

You can upload different file formats including pdfs, Microsoft Word documents, videos, spreadsheets, and photos.  

Once uploaded you can view and edit them within the PlanHappy Portal, meaning they’re always only a click away, no matter where you are. 

The intuitive upload feature allows you to link documents to existing policies and add tags for easy indexing and searching. 


Instant, Two-Way Sharing, Secure

Documents can be shared at an instant with your clients. They are accessible in their Client Portal where they can view them on their mobile, tablet or desktop. 

Through their Portal, your clients can also upload documents directly from their camera roll or files, allowing them to share files with you instantly and securely. 


Next Steps

No hoops required

Unlike most other back-office systems, there’s no need for various intro calls and forms simply to get a demo, let alone the mountains of paperwork and onboarding sessions that follow.

You’re ready to go as soon as you sign-up. Plus, there’s no lengthy contracts to sign. Easy in, easy out. That suits us, and you!

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