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Data Import & Export

Control, Migrate, Validate

The PlanHappy Portal makes importing and exporting your client records and information easy with built-in tools to give you complete control over your data. 

Client records can be migrated from any existing back- office system using the intuitive Data Import function. This allows you to upload a csv file and then select which columns in the spreadsheet match the data fields in the system.  

There’s also an optional template file available, and an automated validation feature that highlights any adjustments that are required to ensure that your data is in the correct format for upload. 

Guru, Support, Services

If you have custom migration requirements or would like us to import your data for you, this can be provided through our PlanHappy Guru Services.  

Our experienced team will analyse a sample of your data and provide a bespoke quotation to collate, validate and import your existing Client Records into your PlanHappy Portal. 

Data can also be exported whenever you wish using the built-in data export tools, giving you complete control over your data and allowing you to migrate to, or populate alternate software systems in the future. 


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