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Coaching Taster Session

Unsure whether Neil can help? Book a FREE 20 minute video call to find out.

FREE Coaching Taster Session

What is it?

Arrange a taster session to chat through what it is that you are looking to achieve and get a feel for how coaching with Neil can help and which package will suit you best.

Who’s it for?

If you’ve made it as far as this page then this is for you!

Maybe you like the idea but aren’t sure whether Neil can help with your specific situation?

Or perhaps you’re struggling to articulate to yourself what you actually want?

Perhaps you just want a chat to see if you get on….

During the taster session, Neil will explore your current situation with you and discuss what you feel is holding you back and what you would like to achieve.

By the end of the session he will have signposted you to the best coaching program to get you where you need to be and you’ll hopefully had enough of a taste of things to have the confidence to get going.



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