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Software Setup and Customisation

The PlanHappy Portal can be customised to your firm’s branding, processes and workflows using the range of intuitive built-in customisation tools.

  • Extend your team and services with PlanHappy
  • Range of services to support your business
  • Easy in, easy out
  • No long term contracts

Create your 'train tracks'

The PlanHappy Software allows you to build forms, task threads, automated communications, and event templates, creating ‘process train tracks’ throughout your business, and the integrated decision logic allows you to automatically switch paths, depending on the underlying data and user responses.

There’s help and support available with how-to videos, help boards, and the PlanHappy Community forum for those who are happy to build their own automation and customisation.

Want a helping hand?

If you would prefer some personal assistance to help customise your site and install automated workflows, our experienced Gurus are available to guide you through the process.

Whether you just need help and support via a video call to guide you through a particular area or you would like us to complete a full customisation and process workflow installation project, our Gurus have the knowledge and experience to get you up and running quickly.

To arrange a session with a Guru, click the link below to see availability and to book.

Frequently asked questions

PlanHappy Services FAQs

Next Steps

Need to import existing data?
No problem...

If you’re looking to switch to PlanHappy from your current back office system, our data import tools make it easy to migrate your client records and data.

We can import data from any existing back office software system or build custom imports for unique data formats.

If you currently manage your existing data on a spreadsheet, we can even import that to!

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